How can I help?

I am so pleased that you are researching Hypnobirthing!

Labour and birth really are some of my favourite things to talk about so please get in touch if you'd like to chat- no obligation and no judgement!


Hypnobirthing gives you the power to take control of your pregnancy, your labour and your birth. 
The mind controls the body. A calm mind leads to a relaxed body. A relaxed body feels no pain. Not magic, not tricks, just science. 


Here's a little about me... 

I am a teacher in two fields. I have been teaching Chemistry & Biology (11-18) for 15 years and for the last 5 years have been developing my expertise in Hypnobirthing, first for my own use and later to share with others.

I first stumbled across KG Hypnobirthing while pregnant with my first child. Birth with no stress? No pain? Seemed like a no brainer to me! So I put in the work (I should really say time rather than work as it's not difficult at all) and to my delight, had a beautiful, pain & drug free birth, just as I'd hoped. People often say I'm lucky, but it wasn't by accident. Hypnobirthing has proved time and time again that your labour and birth ARE IN YOUR CONTROL. However & wherever you plan to give birth, KG Hypnobirthing will give you the skills for a positive, calm experience. 

I have birthed four beautiful babies & can honestly say Hypnobirthing made the most profound difference to my mind and body- even now, holding my newborn as she cries with wind, my head is clear, my breathing calm. It is truly remarkable, but also so easy & natural

A few reasons to get in touch:

1. I'm happy to help answer your questions, even if you don't choose to join a course 


2. Hypnobirthing is my passion, not because it's sounds great but because it FEELS great. Who doesn't enjoy swapping anxiety for calm? Stress for control? Fear for excitement? 

3. Your pregnancy, labour & birth are yours to enjoy. I want to hear about your hopes and elimiate your worries.